Blockchain Growth Hacking – Multiplied
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Blockchain Growth Hacking

Build, Monitor, and Influence


Further the conversation. Push the envelope. Imagine being able to influence potentials on multiple platforms and in many different ways. Growth hacking isn’t just numbers, but being able to generate quality numbers. Like traditional PR, growth hacking takes token marketing to the next level. Expand your reach and increase your network.

We are at the forefront of industry change and the internet facilitates exponential growth. Every startup has untapped potential in many niches no one would expect. Acquire customers and keep them in the know, and better yet, make your outreach shareable. This constant feedback chain promotes community building.

Product Market Fit

It’s not about the growth hacking method itself, but how the product fits into the market. Once you find that growth, growth hacking is meant to optimize that curve.

Finding The Growth Hack

Make multiple iterations and optimize. Multiple iterations of every channel gain more customers. These small changes lead to a more holistic gain.

Going Viral

Once the methods and iterations of your product are established, it’s time to integrate virality into or alongside your innovation. Meanwhile, changes are still made.


This is where we really dig into the mindset of the user and the rewards that encourage specific behavior such as retention. The end user is always in mind for repeat business.


One size doesn’t fit all. Our services are tailored to your startup.

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