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An Introduction

Multiplied was officially kicked off in the beginning of 2017. At first starting with consulting and growth hacking, Multiplied quickly scaled into other service offerings such as influencer marketing, public relations, and media buying.

From a birds eye point of view, we always saw the blockchain/crypto space lacking in good marketing. There is a surplus in investors, funds, and programmers, but never any marketing done well at scale. The result? Great projects with subpar branding–not sure how to position themselves to the mass market of crypto investors.

When we started, we were one of the very few blockchain marketing agencies in the world. As the market became more bullish, there have been many that have entered the space. How do they compare? They don’t. We have an expansive network across influencers, publications, journalists, and investors.

These are our 3 core service offerings that are optimized for our campaigns:

  1. Growth Marketing
  2. Public Relations
  3. Media Buying

We know that these are the foundations of scaling a project well. Since the crypto community is one based on community and word-of-mouth, these cover all bases, platforms, and methods. It has never been more important to have quality blockchain marketing. You start with creating a legitimate project and then build a brand people can trust, From there you keep an develop a relationship with your community through regular announcements, engagement, and credibility building. Now is the time to eliminate smokey mirrors and unreachable teams.

Our team at Multiplied is composed of marketers, creatives, growth hackers, and veteran Bitcoin adopters. We’ve been part of the Bitcoin community since 2009 and have always been committed to marketing only the best blockchain projects.

Fast forward to now and we have worked with some of the largest projects in the space. We create custom marketing plans that are constantly optimized during the campaign to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Contact us today for a free consultation or email hello@multiplied.io.

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